Three Types Of Smoke Damage You May Find After A Fire

When you're assessing the damage to your home immediately after a fire, getting a quick estimate of the types of damage that will need to be fixed can be helpful when you call the damage remediation professionals immediately afterward to ask for a quote. Of course, you won't be assessing the damage officially (your insurance adjuster will have to do that), but knowing what you're dealing with can help you make a back-of-the-hand assessment of the damage.

3 Features To Include When Building A Custom Bachelor Pad

Many people think that custom homes are built only by families looking to customize their living space. If you are a bachelor, but you want your living space to reflect your ultra-cool tastes, investing in a custom home could be the best solution. Here are three features to think about including as you design your own custom home to serve as the ultimate bachelor pad in the future. 1. Pre-wire your custom home to meet your entertainment needs.

Three Reasons Spray Foam Insulation Is A Great Choice For Attics

In years past, most people just stuffed layers of fiberglass batt insulation into their attics without even thinking of the alternatives. Today, there are a number of insulation choices, from standard fiberglass, to recycled cotton, to perhaps the most high-tech of them all: spray foam. Some homeowners are intimidated by the prospect of spray foam insulation, since it needs to be sprayed on with special equipment and by a knowledgeable contractor.

Design Choices You Must Always Make When Installing Shower Doors

If you would like a glass door installed, you could hire a professional to design and install it for you. However, if you are the DIY type or if you simply envision a design that you believe only you could create, you may want to design your shower door yourself. There are a few mistakes you can make, however, that could cause water leakage problems or could even cause your door to become damaged.

Roof In Bad Shape? Three Ways To Help It Survive The Winter

Ideally, when your roof is in poor shape, you would have it replaced in the fall so you don't have to worry about leaks and further damage when the winter storms roll through. When this is not an option due to budgetary constraints or other circumstances, you might be left "weathering the storm" with a roof that's on its last legs. Here are some ways to help ensure you make it through the winter without major leaks or a cave-in.