3 Potential Problems With Buying An Older Home

When you buy an older home, there are unique challenges that you will face due to its age and condition. By knowing what those possible problems are ahead of time, you can make plans to address them. Here are some of the more common issues that can occur when you buy an older home.

Lead Pipes

If your home was built prior to the mid-1980s, lead in the pipes could be a problem. In the early 1900s, many of the pipes in homes were made exclusively of lead. By the mid-1900s, there was a push to use steel for pipes. Unfortunately, lead was still used for the soldering work for the pipes. As it is now known, lead can be hazardous to your health. Exposure to lead can lead to serious health problems and can even prove fatal.

You could have all of the piping replaced in your home, but this can be an expensive option. An easier method for handling lead pipes is to have a filtration system installed. The filtration system would remove impurities, including lead, from the water as it passes through the pipes.

Oil Tanks

Homeowners who relied on heating oil to keep their homes warm in the past often stored their oil in buried tanks on the property. The tanks can lead to a host of problems, including contamination of the groundwater. To eliminate this potentially hazardous situation, you will need to have the tank removed. Removing the tank is not as simple as digging it up though.

There are strict guidelines in place that govern the removal and disposal of underground fuel tanks. Depending on the state in which you live, you might have the option of filling the tank with rocks or dirty. You will need to have the tank's condition assessed to determine whether or not this is an option.


Some foundations in older homes are composed of cinder blocks and cement. Over time, both materials can start to crack. As a result, when it rains, leaking can occur, which can lead to structural problems. Rotting, mold, and mildew can all start to grow on your interior and exterior.

Depending on the material your older home is composed of and its current condition, you might be able to get away with applying a sealant and ensuring your downspouts are draining away from your home. However, if there is damage to the foundation, you will need to have it repaired.

Even with a good home inspection, it is possible that you will run into problems with your older home. By recognizing this, you can be better suited to handle challenge than can come up.

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