Simple Projects To Make Your Home's Windows And Doors More Secure

Although it's often easy to focus exclusively on the visual element of renovating your home's windows and doors, it's useful to turn this project into an opportunity to also make your home more secure. The windows and doors are the most vulnerable points of your home, but a number of simple steps can make them more resistant to break-and-enter crimes -- without giving your home the appearance of a bunker. If you don't have much experience with household projects, contact a home renovation company to do the work for you. Otherwise, roll up your sleeves and get to work.

Front Door

Whether it's steel or solid wood, the front door of your home should be essentially impenetrable. Even if the door is solid enough to turn away burglars, other issues with the door can weaken your home's security. Ensure the hinges are heavy duty, mounted with three-inch screws and located inside the home. Additionally, install a reinforced strike plate on the opposite side of the frame. Invest in a secure, heavy-duty lock; the deadbolt should be at least one inch long and sit in a heavy-duty box strike. While windows on either side of your door can help to illuminate the front hall, there's little purpose in reinforcing your door only to have panes of glass beside it; consider adding decorative security bars to the side windows to provide safety while still being visually appealing.

Sliding Door

Any home's glass sliding door leading to the deck or patio is a vulnerable point of entry for burglars, but you can take simple steps to reinforce this area. If you don't want to add bars, a commonly used solution is to provide a protective film to the glass. These films are transparent but offer an impressive degree of protection -- a burglar who hits the protected window with a sledge hammer won't be able to break it.


Adding protective bars or film to your home's windows -- especially those in your basement and around the ground floor -- can be enough to turn away prospective burglars. Additionally, it's important to install high-quality locks that both keep the windows securely shut and allow them to open a few centimetres for fresh air. An open window can make your home more accessible to burglars, but a lock that holds the door in a position that prevents someone from opening it further or sneaking his or her arm through the opening provides ample security without sacrificing security.