3 Safety Tips To Help You Avoid Electrical Scares This Halloween

Many people look forward to dressing up as their favorite characters on October 31 each year. In fact, Canadians love Halloween so much that the average person spends $70 on Halloween supplies every holiday. Some of your Halloween budget might be spent on electronic decorations this coming year.

To ensure that you don't have the wrong kind of scare, here are three safety tips that can help you avoid electrical problems as you decorate for Halloween in the future.

1. Secure cords with insulated staples.

If you are planning to string lights or use extension cords to power your outdoor Halloween display, you will want to ensure that these cords are secured safely. Many people make the mistake of attaching electrical cords to trees or the edge of a roof with nails. These nails can begin to rust when coming into contact with water, reducing their efficiency and increasing the risk of the cords they hold becoming corroded.

Using insulated staples to secure your outdoor cords is an easy way to reduce the risk of electrical fire. Insulated staples are coated with a bonded PVC layer, which prevents them from breaking down when exposed to the elements.

2. Always plug electrical Halloween decor into GFCI outlets.

When it comes to electrical safety, the type of outlets you choose to plug your electric decor into can make a difference. Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (commonly referred to as GFCIs) are designed to trip if the flow of electricity out of the outlet differs from the flow of electricity into the outlet by more than 5 milliamperes.

This tripping action interrupts the circuit and prevents the potential for electrical shock when operating your outdoor decor. If your home is not equipped with GFCI outlets outside, you can invest in a portable GFCI outlet to help make your Halloween decorations safe.

3. Buy lights with the correct UL rating.

Before investing in outdoor lights to decorate your home for Halloween, it's important that you take the time to become familiar with UL ratings.

If you live in an area where regular precipitation falls during the month of October, you would be wise to invest in outdoor lighting that is UL rated for wet locations. You may be able to safely hang lighting that is rated UL-damp in the areas under the eaves of your home where they will be shielded from direct contact with moisture.

Taking the time to learn how to safely use electric decor will help you avoid electrical scares and ensure that your next Halloween is a treat. For more information, contact a local electrical contractor (such as Hilman Electric Electrical Contractors).