3 Features To Include When Building A Custom Bachelor Pad

Many people think that custom homes are built only by families looking to customize their living space. If you are a bachelor, but you want your living space to reflect your ultra-cool tastes, investing in a custom home could be the best solution.

Here are three features to think about including as you design your own custom home to serve as the ultimate bachelor pad in the future.

1. Pre-wire your custom home to meet your entertainment needs.

If you want your bachelor pad to serve as a gathering space for hockey games, parties, and other events, having access to the technology required to make these events entertaining is a must. As you design your custom home, it can be beneficial to think about pre-wiring your new home to meet your entertainment and media needs.

Installing 16-2 lamp cord for surround sound and running Cat5e wire from your home's media cabinet to the den, garage, and bedrooms during the construction process will make it easier to connect your media devices throughout your home in the future.

2. Include an automatic vacuum system in your home's design.

Maintaining a clean space can be a challenge for a bachelor, so incorporating an automatic vacuum system into your custom home's design can be beneficial in helping you keep your living space presentable in the future.

Not only will a centralized vacuum system eliminate the need to tote a heavy vacuum cleaner around to each room in your home, incorporating this feature into your new home during the building process can be financially beneficial as well. The inclusion of a central vacuum system in your home can increase its resale value by up to $2,000.

3. Incorporate a washing station for your dog into your custom bachelor pad's design.

Statistics show that 57% of Canadian households include a pet. If you share your living space with a dog, you probably know how dirty your four-legged friend can be. When you design a custom home to serve as your bachelor pad, you should keep your pet's needs in mind as well.

Creating a dedicated space for washing your dog that is located near the garage or mudroom will allow you to enjoy the great outdoors with your pet, while preventing him or her from bringing a bit of the outdoors inside. 

Taking the time to think about some unique features that will help meet your needs as a bachelor will give you the ability to design a custom home that will serve as the ultimate bachelor pad in the future.

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