Permanent Protection: Spray-Foam Vs. Fiberglass Batt Insulation

Isolating your home from the outside weather is a critical step toward keeping your heating and cooling bills manageable. The insulation inside of your walls is a key part of protecting your home environment, but some forms of insulation will leave holes in your protection. For the best, most durable insulation, you should choose spray foam over fiberglass batts. Fiberglass Batts Typical insulation consists of strands of fiberglass that have been spun into a slab of lightweight, low-density material which is several centimeters thick.

4 Things That You Should Do Before You Have A Home Inspection

When you are trying to sell your house, a potential buyer might request that you allow him or her to hire a third party home inspection company to make sure that everything about the house is valid. This is mainly done so that the potential buyer is able to avoid any sense of buyer's regret and to allow him or her to feel confident that he or she is making the right decision.

Summer Storms: 4 Tips For Saving Your Trees After A Big Storm

A storm can damage your home and lawn within a matter of minutes. While your lawn may look like it is in disarray after a storm, much of it is probably repairable. If your trees are looking a little worn after a large storm, do not fear. With a little TLC, you can nurse your trees back to health. Here are four tree care tips for after the storm: 1. Remove Broken Branches

Simple Projects To Make Your Home's Windows And Doors More Secure

Although it's often easy to focus exclusively on the visual element of renovating your home's windows and doors, it's useful to turn this project into an opportunity to also make your home more secure. The windows and doors are the most vulnerable points of your home, but a number of simple steps can make them more resistant to break-and-enter crimes -- without giving your home the appearance of a bunker. If you don't have much experience with household projects, contact a home renovation company to do the work for you.

3 Potential Problems With Buying An Older Home

When you buy an older home, there are unique challenges that you will face due to its age and condition. By knowing what those possible problems are ahead of time, you can make plans to address them. Here are some of the more common issues that can occur when you buy an older home. Lead Pipes If your home was built prior to the mid-1980s, lead in the pipes could be a problem.